SpiceJet, an Indian airline already being monitored by domestic regulatory agencies, had another technical problem after its flight to Dubai, people familiar with the matter said.

The eight-year-old Boeing 737 next-generation jet flew from India to Dubai on Monday, and after landing, it was discovered that there was a technical problem with the front wheels. It was confirmed that we were discussing confidential information.

People said the incident was not life-threatening and all passengers and crew were safely disembarked.

In a statement to Bloomberg News, SpiceJet denied the incident and safety fears and turned the subsequent delay from Dubai into a last-minute technical issue.

“On July 11, the SpiceJet SG23 flight from Dubai to Madurai was delayed due to last-minute technical issues,” the airline said.

“Another aircraft departing from Dubai at 6:35 pm (local time) has been arranged to operate the flight. Flight delays can occur on any airline. This flight has an accident. And there were no safety concerns. “

A representative of the Ministry of Aviation of India did not immediately respond to the request for comment.

SpiceJet is under pressure after airlines have been given three weeks by Indian aviation regulators after a series of other incidents, including one in which a Boeing 737 Max aircraft was directed to Karachi. For malfunction of indicator light.

According to a survey of more than 21,000 leaflets conducted by LocalCircle, this revocation has prevented some passengers from flying on airlines that are short of cash.

In response to the investigation, SpiceJet said the flight was “absolutely safe and passenger, crew and aircraft safety are our top priorities.”

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