Three more people were arrested today (Tuesday) for breach of partial blockade restrictions, and police officials have swiftly prosecuted and tried such breach, justifying the revocation of non-resident work permits. I warn you that there is a possibility.

Macau SAR authorities have ordered the suspension of all commercial and industrial business activities in the city for seven days from midnight on July 11, except for those that maintain the normal operation of society.

Approximately 905 people have already been warned of possible violations of the new pandemic prevention policy on the first day of the new seven-day city-wide static management, with 910 people warned as of this afternoon.

According to police officials, police officers from various security departments continue to promote, persuade, patrol, and enforce law in different communities in Macau today.

Law enforcement has detained three people so far, all of which were cases of improper wearing of health masks.

Beginning early morning on July 11, a total of nine people were detained for violating current pandemic prevention guidelines, all of which were transferred to the public prosecutor’s office for further investigation.

“From now on, the law enforcement department will detain criminals and immediately send them to the Prosecutor’s Office and the courts for any illegal acts that need to be prosecuted,” said Jung Kin, General Manager of Police Liaison and Public Relations Department, Unitary Police Service. -Mr. Ian said at today’s Pandemic update press conference.

“The judiciary can adopt faster proceedings for immediate judgment, depending on the circumstances and in accordance with the law.”

Under local legislation, the public prosecutor’s office can ask the court to engage in “brief prosecution” to speed up the process.

To do so, you must meet legal requirements. That is, the accused must have already reached the age of 18 at the time of his arrest, and the offense committed will be punished with imprisonment of up to three years. Therefore, the judgment can be heard within 48 hours.

A fine of 240 days or You can be sentenced to up to two years in prison.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office and the District Court will operate under special arrangements from July 11th to 15th and will provide services that include only urgent matters, including cases that violate pandemic restrictions.

Police have reminded everyone in Macau that they need to comply with current partial blockade restrictions.

Foreign employees were able to see a permit for a non-resident worker card called the Blue Card, which was revoked for these criminal offenses.

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