Albany, 2 Mountain View Road, Killiney, Co Dublin

Offer price: € 499,000 Agent: DNG (01) 2301616

According to reports at the time, Smith and the sea air proved to be the best longevity formula for the deceased Kiriny blacksmith and farrier Michael Farrell, who “saw 106 winters” in 1863. ..

Even today, 106 is an extraordinary era to achieve. However, in 1863, the average age of death for Irish people was exactly 40. Therefore, Michael Farrell, born in 1757, lived almost 2.5 times longer, if the report was believed.

Farrell Forge’s first record in Mountain View off Killiney Road dates back to 1834. Watson’s Alla ManacIn the same year, the steam locomotive opened and Kirinny transformed from a rural town to a luxury seaside resort. After the death of another Michael Farrell (probably his son), the forging was sold at auction in 1873 and the property changed.

Today, Mountain View has a cottage in the early 1900s, about the same age as Michael Farrell’s (very) senior. One has just been put up for sale after a major refurbishment.

Although small and compact from the outside, the artisan cottage at Albany, Mountain View Road 2, Kiriny has been refurbished to take full advantage of the available space and surrounding scenery.


Architect Anthony Brabazon

Much of this rests on ABA Architects Nature Conservation Architect Anthony Brabazono, who remodeled a 786-square-foot home for its current owner in 2015. He believes it was built to house workers, perhaps masons.

Brabazon has a system for adapting small artisan cottages to modern life.

“What we usually try to achieve in these cottages is to get as much sunlight as possible and upgrade the system to make the house warm and dry to achieve a spacious feeling in these buildings. Many of them were built at the beginning of the last century, so they are often damp. “

Anthony and his team have been working on the building for most of the year and started by replacing all the floors that were found to be damp.

In addition, both the front wall and the rear wall are dry-lined to improve heat insulation. “We had to be careful about how to upgrade the insulation,” he says. “I didn’t want to add a dry lining board to the cold wall and fill the top and bottom, or there was a risk of condensation. Potentially, warm moist air would get behind the insulation and the cold wall Can condense into and cause mold problems. “

They also found dampness on the surrounding walls, which were treated by chemically injected specialists. A Worcestershire gas boiler has been added to warm the house, resulting in a year-round heat retention.

To create space, we removed the walls between the corridor and the living room and made it much larger. They also added a glass-enclosed interior door between the kitchen and the living room. This allows light to enter and expands the outside scenery.

The roof of the corridor originally had a dome-shaped skylight, which was replaced by Belx’s Louflight.

The arched ceiling of the living room further enhances the space, and the cream and white color scheme echoes in the evening sunset. The windows here surround the view of Sugarloaf Mountain in Wicklow, with its front facing west.

The house is on a hill, with a gravel driveway and a lawn with cherry trees in front. The back of the building is protected by trees and is private. As the sun shines in, the owner also optimized this outdoor space to create a small courtyard.

They retained the original stonework. There is a wood stove and an open oven for barbecue, garden furniture and hanging plants. At your feet are granite paving stones and granite stairs, which harmonize with the soothing gray color scheme of the kitchen with granite countertops.

All units in the kitchen have been replaced and the room has a subdued gray / green color scheme. It fits rectangular wooden tables and chairs, but because the large windows and glass panel doors and roof skylights feel bigger than they really are and are bright and airy. The eccentric mirrors and works of art on the walls here add personality.

There is also a utility room in the stone-cut granite detached house, with a covered walkway that is now used as a wet room. The previous windows of the house were much smaller and they were all replaced.

On the front, there is a one-to-one hatch window to suit the age of the building. They now take in a lot of light and offer views of the Sugar Loaf and Dublin Mountains. The entrance door is also replaced with a conspicuous double door.

“The original bathroom was a little scary and was completely rebuilt with modern equipment,” says Anthony. “The tiles are also installed at your feet, and now you have a bath.”

Neutral tones are also evident in the two bedrooms, one of which has an original fireplace. The main bedroom has a Victorian rosewood wardrobe, added by the current owner who decorated the house with pieces picked up while traveling abroad and those found in antique shops. Overall, Albany has a solid vintage feel and is modernized at the same time.

The village of Barry Black is just steps away and the dirt and Kiriny beaches are within walking distance.

“I think the current owner really loves it and I’m very happy here,” says Anthony. “They are now moving forward just because they need more space for their families.”

In addition to housing work, Anthony also works as a conservationist. He says he enjoyed his work at Albany. “I’m always very happy to complete a project like this,” he says. “It’s a nice house in a great area. There is no doubt that it will be snapped.”

The asking price for DNG is 499,000 euros.

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