Instagram is introducing a new way for users to verify their age on the platform as a way to provide an age-appropriate experience.

Meta-owned companies are beginning to test tools in the United States that allow users to ask others to guarantee their age and use techniques to verify it based on video selfies. Stated.

As part of the test, when someone tries to edit their date of birth on the site from under 18 to over 18 years old, Instagram asks each other’s friends to upload an ID, record a video selfie, or ask each other’s friends to confirm. And ask to confirm your age. Their age.

Instagram has partnered with British tech company Yoti on a video selfie validation test, saying its technicians can estimate someone’s age based on facial features and share it with Meta.

Both Meta and Yoti said the data had been removed and the technology couldn’t identify anyone.

The warranty feature asks the user to nominate three mutual followers to confirm the age of the user in question. The nominated user must be at least 18 years old and currently does not guarantee others and meets “other safety measures”. , Instagram said.

Users can nominate friends to guarantee themselves and their age, not video selfies (Instagram)

Online safety campaigners are calling for age verification tools to be deployed on social media and other platforms to better protect young users from inappropriate content.

Instagram said this test would help try out potential solutions to the problem.

“Understanding someone’s age online is a complex and industry-wide challenge,” the company said.

“We want to work with other people in the industry and governments to set clear standards for age verification online.

“Many people, such as teens, don’t always have access to an ID format that makes age verification clear and easy. The industry’s dilemma is to verify the age of people who don’t have an ID. We need to find new ways to tackle it.

“An effective way to address this issue is to enable devices and app stores to provide age to apps and provide age-appropriate experiences for all apps used by teens.

“In the absence of industry standards and regulations on how to effectively check age online, we are more equitable, offer more options for checking age, and of people who use our technology. We have invested in a combination of technologies that protect privacy. “

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