On Tuesday (July 19), police said at least 180 reports had been filed since June for couples allegedly failing to deliver luxury goods to their customers.

The Straits Times understands that undelivered items, mostly watches, are worth at least $ 32 million.

In response to ST’s question, a police spokesman said the report was made to two companies, Tradenation and Tradeluxury.

“The petitioner claimed that he had prepaid luxury watches and bags to the company, but failed to deliver them,” he said.

Police arrested a 26-year-old Singaporean man on June 27 on suspicion of being involved in an adultery crime.

According to police, his passport was confiscated and released the next day until the investigation was completed.

His wife, 27, also helped with the police investigation and handed over his passport to the police on June 30. After that, the couple lost contact.

ST understands that women are Thai citizens.

Police said last Wednesday (July 13) that they had arrested a 40-year-old Malaysian man who allegedly helped the couple when they left Singapore on July 4.

The man was charged last Friday (July 15th) with betting another person to leave Singapore illegally.

A police spokesman added: “Police are working closely with foreign law enforcement agencies to track couples and criminal proceeds.

“A arrest warrant and a red notice of Interpol have been issued to the couple.”

A person convicted of misconduct can be sentenced to up to 10 years in prison.

The Ministry of Justice told ST on Tuesday morning that Tradenation was registered as a precious stone and precious metal dealer on April 2.

“Registered dealers are regulated by the Registrar of regulated dealers only to prevent money laundering and to combat terrorist financing,” a spokesman for the ministry said.

Tradenation has submitted a registration application to MinLaw because it was conducting a regulated transaction. At the time of registration, there was no reason to refuse registration, MinLaw said.

A spokesman added, “MinLaw has suspended Tradenation registration because police investigations are underway. We cannot comment further because police investigations are underway.”

ST has spoken to 10 victims between the ages of 24 and 52 in the past week.

They paid $ 20,000 to $ 280,000 for luxury goods that were never delivered.

One unnamed victim, 48, forked $ 280,000 (most of his life-savings) for two Rolex watches and a Patek Philippe watch.

He planned to sell both Rolex watches for profit, but they didn’t arrive.

Another victim, the 24-year-old, spent $ 62,500 on a Rolex watch as a gift after graduation.

She told ST that she trusted the couple because she bought it with them last October.

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