An online survey of parish elementary schools has been released. This survey contains 19 multiple-choice questions and takes about 5 minutes to complete.

“It provides the community with the opportunity to give anonymous feedback on the process used to determine which schools will become parish elementary schools and which will be abolished,” said the public school responsible for the survey. Parent Rajaidenbrook said.

“This new approach to primary education can represent very realistic progress for us at many different levels, but processes taken in this way can undermine this.

“I have my opinion shared publicly recently, but the survey allows a wider community to share their opinion. A 400 response is ideal and a goal.”

“The survey can be accessed here. The results will be shared directly with the Ministry of Education.

“Collecting this data does not mean conflict. It shows how we arrived where we are, the impact it has had, and this level of change. It means positioning us to have an honest and complete conversation about what to prioritize when pursuing. “

“Our leaders have the opportunity to encourage stakeholders to participate in this rather than relying on bureaucracy to advance the agenda. Survey data can help achieve this.”

Screenshots showing some of the online surveys accessible here

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