Paris: Students led Saturday in protests across Iran over the death of Masa Amini, even though a powerful Revolutionary Guard commander told them to “do not come into the streets.” Protests over the death of a 22-year-old man entered his seventh week as security forces targeted hospitals and student dormitories overnight, according to rights groups.

Amini died in custody on September 16 after being arrested in Tehran for allegedly violating Iran’s strict dress code for women under Islamic Sharia law. Security forces have struggled to contain protests that began with women taking to the streets to burn their hijab headscarves, leading to a broader campaign to end the Islamic Republic, which was established in 1979. developed.

Students protested Saturday on campuses in Tehran, the start of Iran’s Labor Week, Kerman in the country’s south, and the city of Kermanshah in the west, as online videos were shown. In a video released by the 1500tasvir social media channel, students at a university in Ahwaz, southwestern Iran, yelled “shameless, shameless” and ran into security guards.

According to the Oslo-based Iranian Human Rights Organization (IHR), security forces opened fire and fired tear gas at a gathering of university students in the western city of Sanandaj, which was the trigger point. Major General Hossein Salami of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps told demonstrators, “Don’t come to the streets! Today is the last day of the riots.” was addressing the mourners gathered in Shiraz for the burial of

shootout outside the hospital

The massacre at Shah Cherag’s mausoleum occurred 40 days after Amini died in police custody, the same day thousands across Iran paid their respects to him. Ultra-conservative President Ebrahim Raisi appeared on Thursday to link the deadliest shrine attack in years with what his government called a “riot” sparked by Amini’s death. rice field.

A memorial service was also held on Saturday for protesters killed in what Amnesty International called a “relentless and brutal crackdown”. Using slogans directed at Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, he chanted at a ceremony marking the 40th anniversary of the killing of a protester in the western city of Divandale.

According to human rights groups, riot police shot dead Mohsen Mohammadi, 28, during a protest in Dibandare on September 19, and he died the next day at Kausar Hospital in Sanandaj. Security forces attacked dozens of people who had gathered outside the same hospital to protect another injured protester late Friday, according to a Hengaw rights group. People who gathered in front of Sanandaj hospital were shot by repressive forces,” said the Norway-based organization.

“These forces want to capture Ashkan Mulwati while he is wounded,” he said, before tweeting an image of him lying on a stretcher and being attended to by doctors. , the same security forces “fired into a nearby student dormitory” at the Kurdistan Medical Science University, said Hengaw.

Online footage seen by AFP showed security forces arriving on dozens of motorbikes and firing into the dormitory building. Other confirmed footage shows security forces firing tear gas late Friday into a residential area in Chitgar’s Tehran district, where large-scale protests took place the night before.

“CIA Conspiracy”

Several people, including two of them, were seriously injured when security forces shot at schoolgirls while chanting in the streets of Kermanshah on Saturday, Henggo said. Demonstrations continue despite a crackdown that the IHR said Friday killed at least 160 protesters, including more than 20 children.

A separate protest in the southeastern city of Zahedan on September 30 reported the rape of a teenage girl by a police commander, killing at least 93 people, according to human rights groups.

Zahedan worshipers were automatically fired upon as they emerged from their weekly prayers on Friday, according to the US-based human rights activist news agency. At least 20 security personnel died in the action, and at least eight in Zahedan. Iran has tried to portray the movement as a conspiracy orchestrated by its arch-enemy, the United States.

In a joint statement on Friday, Iran’s intelligence ministry and the Intelligence Service of the Guard said the CIA had colluded with Israeli, British and Saudi spy agencies to “cause riots” in Iran, accusing them of “accomplices”, among other acts. Said he set up a network.. – AFP

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