The current number of Iranian companies active in various important economic areas of Qatar is 811.

Qatar has issued a permit for Iran to set up a major trading center in Doha, Iran’s energy minister Ali Akbar Melavian said Monday.

According to the Tehran Times, the head of Iran’s trade promotion organization Alireza Peyman Pak has announced the establishment of an Iranian business center in Qatar to provide more opportunities for Iranian traders.

Peyman-Pak said the relationship between transportation and banking is an important point for the development of trade between the two countries.

On the same day, the Iranian delegation also met with Iranian businessmen and traders residing in Qatar to discuss various issues. At the meeting, Melavian announced the signing of a document to support the private sector in Iran and Qatar with the aim of strengthening trade cooperation between the two.

“Since the current government took office in Iran, the level of relations with neighboring countries has risen significantly,” said Melavian, reiterating that the Qatar market is a fertile soil for the presence of Iranian businessmen and traders. Stated.

“Iran’s trade relations with neighboring countries have increased by more than 450 percent in the last nine months, and that figure is 900 percent in the last three months,” he explained.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the 8th meeting of the Iran-Qatar Joint Economic Commission was signed on Monday between Melavian and Sheikh Mohammad bin Hamad bin Khalifa al-Tani, who head the Doha Joint Commission. rice field.

MoU covers areas such as energy, transportation, transportation, industry and trade, customs and free zones, tourism, cultural heritage, agriculture and sports.

Iran’s Energy Minister also expressed a positive outlook on the bilateral economic relationship between Iran and Qatar, saying: [Monday]Eight very important memorandums of understanding on food, health care, knowledge-based businesses, etc. have been signed between traders in both countries, indicating the existence of suitable markets for both countries. “

Separately, Qatar’s Minister for Energy Affairs Saad bin Sherida Al Kaabi will meet with Iran’s counterpart Ali-Akbar Mehrabian for bilateral relations and cooperation in the field of energy and various ways to develop them. Discussed about.

Revitalization of the private sector

Regarding the role of the private sector in both countries in trade development, both sides seek to provide a “special model” of public-private partnerships in Qatar.

Later Monday, Gholam-Hossein Shafeie, Chairman of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, met with Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim Al Thani, Chairman of the Qatar Chamber of Commerce, to explore various areas of common ground for cooperation. ..

During the meeting, the Minister of Qatar expressed satisfaction with the existence of Iran’s trade delegation in Qatar and said that the private sector of Qatar is enthusiastic about forming a foundation of cooperation with Iran’s response agencies.

“In the field of trade, we will act on the basis of a very good political relationship between the two countries,” said Sheikh Harifa al-Tani, who Iranian businessmen may face in trade with Qatar. We have confirmed that Doha is ready to resolve the obstacle. According to a report by Tehran Times.

Shafy also described the political relationship between the two countries as very “positive”, adding: The development of economic relations will also lead to the stabilization of political relations, and Iran is very enthusiastic in this regard. “

Bilateral relations between Iran and Qatar will be strengthened

Qatar’s minister said on Monday that when Commerce and Industry Minister Sheikh Mohammed al-Tani and Melavian met, current geopolitical changes would “turn the two countries into a collaborative effort to expand economic, trade and investment cooperation.” We are promoting it more than ever. ” To serve their common interests on the basis of their strong and established relationships, “Qatar News Agency reported.

The level of trade exchange between Tehran and Doha witnessed a growth of about 34% in 2021. This is a testament to the strong development they have experienced.

Regarding investment, Qatar’s minister further explained that Iran’s private sector plays an important role in supporting the process of Qatar’s development and construction, and Iran’s activity in key economic areas of the country. The number of companies is about 811.

Separately, Deputy Minister of Economic Diplomacy Mehdi Safari said Monday that a new horizon emerged regarding the increase in trade volume between Tehran and Arab countries after Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi visited Doha.

Safari further states that the Islamic republic had negative growth in more than 100 countries with which it had trade relations between 2020 and 2021, with five countries experiencing negative growth. One of them was Doha. However, the president’s visit to Qatar earlier this year has repeatedly raised expectations for the formation of a strong economic relationship between the two sides.

When President Raisi visited Qatar in late February, the two countries witnessed the signing of a total of 14 different agreements, covering different areas of cooperation. These include trade, sea and air transportation, visa cancellation, standards, electricity, culture and education.

“Once an economic relationship is established between the two countries, the political and security relationship stabilizes. As the Teheran Times quoted, when the economic relationship is weak, the political and security relationship is a breeze. Torn by, “said Safari.

Iran’s Special Envoy Doha Hamidreza Degani Pude said it would help the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs promote business relations between the Gulf countries.

The Iranian ambassador said that in this modern era, Iranian merchants are true representatives of the Islamic Republic of Qatar.

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