Erbil: The Kurdish-dominated Iraqi futsal team won the West Asian Football Federation (WAFF) Major Women’s Futsal Championship championship on Friday, with Kurdish players finishing as the top scorers in the tournament. A total of 6 teams participated in the 2022 WAFF Women’s Futsal Championship in Saudi Arabia from June 16th to 24th.

The Iraqi team defeated Saudi Arabia in the final. After defeating the host country’s national team 4-2, he won the tournament. The Iraqi team’s campaign in the tournament began with a rocky start, losing 1-0 to Bahrain in the first match, but a staggering 12-0 victory in the next match on the way to the final. I was able to win, including. Crossed Kuwait in the semi-finals.

Nine of the 14 Iraqi players are Kurds, including Shokhan Salihi, the highest scorer in the championship who scored seven goals throughout the tournament. Kurdish women were essential to Iraq’s success in the tournament. In particular, Sarihi scored two goals in the final, and Kurdish companion Dileen Murabakar scored one of Iraq’s four goals. This is the first time an Iraqi woman has won the Asian Cup championship. The Iranian team won the previous two tournaments in 2008 and 2012. Shokhan Salihi won the Tournament Highest Scorer Award in Saudi Arabia.

Kuwaiti men book semifinals

Another development is for a man who made it to the semi-finals of the 2022 Arab Futsal Championship after defeating a Palestinian 4-1 in a penalty shootout after a 4-4 draw in Dammam, Saudi Arabia on Friday. Kuwait National Futsal Team. The Palestinian team was able to finish the first half of the match 3-2. Both teams continued into the second half until the match ended with a 4-4 draw. The team decided on a penalty kick and the winner Kuwait won 4-1.

Kuwaiti team player Saleh Al-Fadil has won the Best Player Award. In another development, the Moroccan team defeated Libya 3-0 before entering the semi-finals. Meanwhile, Egypt defeated Mauritania 3-2 to play in the same round. The Iraqi national team was also able to advance to the semi-finals after defeating Saudi Arabia 3-2. The Kuwait team will meet Iraqi counterparts in the semi-finals on Sunday, and the Moroccan team will face Egyptian counterparts to decide on the finals scheduled for June 28th. -agency

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