Health insurance company Irish Life excludes paying refunds to customers, even though rivals continue to refund members.

After it was revealed this week that Laya Healthcare will refund the family about € 240.

This is the second time that a member has been repaid since the pandemic occurred.

And Vhi Healthcare paid a third rebate in May, with a family of two adults and two children usually receiving a refund of € 400.

Covid-related overcrowding has reduced the number of people claiming public hospital procedures from health insurance companies, resulting in significant savings for health insurance companies.

However, Irish Life said it is using savings to keep premiums down.

This is despite the fact that private hospitals and clinics were taken over by the state and refunded in early 2020 when people were unable to apply for health insurance.

Irish Life is the third largest player in the health insurance market with approximately 450,000 customers.

Irish Life was asked if he would like to make more refunds following Vhi and Laya, saying:

“Irish Life Health is committed to returning savings to customers through annual or monthly premiums to make the ongoing cost of their health insurance sustainable.”

He added that in early 2020, he provided customers with a rebate equivalent to a premium of 36 to 60 pc.

According to Dermot Goode’s calculations in, this meant a savings of € 130 to € 450 over a three-month period, depending on the plan.

Irish Life also said it was the first and only health insurance company to cut prices by 3% in April this year.

It claimed that members were benefiting from the savings given to them.

Insurers show that Irish Life Health has the lowest increase in the top five plans from 2021 to 2022, according to the latest quarterly report from regulator Health Insurance Department.

Laya will refund € 85 to each adult customer starting next month, regardless of the plan they hold. Each child will receive a refund of € 35.

If Laya knows the bank details, the refund will be paid to the bank account of the main member of the policy in July.

If details are not provided, you will be required to pay by check from August.

Laya posted additional information on the website, emphasizing that you do not need to call for a refund.

In May, Vhi refunded members between € 75 and € 300 per adult due to reduced billing.

It is the third time that a part of the customer’s insurance premium has been exempted since the Covid-19 pandemic began.

Goode reiterated that the three major health insurance companies have one-time refunds, but they continued.

“This is great news for consumers, given the background of what’s happening at prices in general,” he said.

He said the new wave of Covid has significantly lowered the health insurance company’s claims as public hospitals couldn’t accept people for insurance company-funded procedures and the elderly hesitated to go public. Stated

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