Wind, rain and sunny spells are all on the mild temperature card, so you’ll see all sorts of weather across the country this weekend.

His mild and refreshing weather is the result of a tropical cyclone Alex, but Ireland has so far been unaffected by the storm as it has only been tracked at sea.

MetÉireann said he did not expect the county’s weather warnings to be issued due to the storm, but small aircraft warnings were issued until 9 pm tonight on all Irish coasts.

It’s sunny today and it rains occasionally. The heaviest, most frequent and can hail in Ulster and Connacht.

Maximum temperatures range from 14 to 18 degrees Celsius, with fresh gusts blowing from the west to the southwest.

It will be sunny on Sunday, but it will still rain.

“The showers are mainly in the northern half of the country and will be lighter than the day before,” said the Met Alien forecaster.

“With a maximum temperature of 13 ° C in the northwest to 17 ° C in the southeast, the west-northwest breeze is moderate to fresh.”

Mondays are bright and sunny, with showers and fairly dry weather.

Maximum temperature of 14 ℃ to 17 ℃.

Tuesdays are cloudy and damp in the west and north of the country, but dry in the east and southeast at slightly brighter intervals.

Wednesdays start to dry mainly in most of Leinster and Münster. However, the rains in the west and north spread eastward to all areas later in the day, so lighter and clear on Wednesday night.

Maximum temperature of 14 ℃ to 18 ℃ with a breeze.

Later, towards the end of the weekend, heavy dry weather and temperatures in the early twenties are expected, which could be even more subdued.

The National Forecaster said: Temperatures range from teens to 20s. “

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