Netizens, who wrote that they didn’t think they were cool, said their boyfriend had never posted a photo with him a few years ago.

Netizens seem to be quite annoyed by this, saying in an anonymous post: I know it doesn’t look good, and many people told me it. “

In a post on Friday’s (July 1st) popular confession page SG Whispers, she wrote that she thinks her boyfriend looks slightly above average, saying, “I’m not, so take a photo with me. I knew I had never posted it, “he added. It’s enough for him to show off me, “she said. She said her boyfriend was also following many other Instagram influential people who thought she was “much better looking” than herself.

As a result, “this makes me even more anxious and I know he’s ashamed of me, so I’m thinking of breaking this relationship,” she added. She never mentioned it to him, but she wrote it. She said she wasn’t relieved.

“Yes, he loved me and never said I was ugly, but when I’m with him I’m just not relieved. Any advice?” Netizen wrote. ..

“Is plastic surgery ridiculous?” She asked.

The netizens who commented on her post were separated. Some agreed that appearance was important, while others felt that they were selling themselves and that their anxiety was due to their own perception. Others even suggested asking her boyfriend why he didn’t post those photos together, even though they were dating a few years ago.

Here’s what they said:

Earlier this year, a man who met a girl on a dating site noticed that she wasn’t on her profile when she took her out for a cup of coffee.

A man who grasped his peaceful date in an anonymous post on the popular confession page NUS Whispers said he and the girl had similar interests, so he decided to meet her.

“I found her to be a very liar”, He wrote. He shared it online and she told him she was a fan of sports, but when she met him he was a term commonly used when she talked about sports. I quickly realized that I didn’t understand any of them.

The guy says he met a date that “looks like someone watching Netflix for four or five hours” instead of the sporty girl he saw online.

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