Just one day after it was reported that two young men with what looked like a shotgun were seen, this image comes, which can cause concern.

This time, according to a Reddit post, it happened in Yishun.

A person who has something that looks like a gun may be a child.

The photo appears to have been taken in a parking lot, and AsiaOne reported that it had confirmed that the location was on Yishun Street 22.

In the previous case, police were warned about a video posted on social media shortly before 10:15 am on Saturday.

Police said Monday that a young man involved had been identified and investigated.

However, preliminary investigations revealed that one of the young men had a toy gun, they said.

Toys and replica guns are controlled items for import.

There are various reactions to Yishun’s paintings. Some of the people commenting online have expressed disapproval and caution, while others clearly felt that they were boys with toys.

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