Deloitte has announced that the 2022 Deloitte Scholarship recipient will be Isaiah Cabral, and the scholarship award will typically offer up to $ 30,000 a year for two years.

A spokeswoman said: [or PRC Holders] He has an undergraduate degree and is interested in accounting, actuarial science, financial advisory, risk advisory, or other business-related research. Deloitte supports two students each year for up to $ 50,000. In addition, we offer high school scholarships worth up to $ 5,000.

“After interviewing a group of impressive candidates, the Deloitte Scholarship Committee chose Isaiah because of his amazing academic performance, his commitment to future research, and his determination to succeed as a certified accountant. ..

“Isaiah recently graduated from Bermuda College, majoring in actuarial science and business administration twice, with an emphasis on accounting. In August, Isaiah will continue to study abroad.

“He enters his first year at Nova Southeastern University in Davie, Florida, where he holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting. As a graduate student, Isaiah works towards becoming a Certified Accountant with the support of Deloitte Bermuda. increase.

“In addition to receiving the 2022 Deloitte Scholarship, Izaya was the best accounting student, the best actuarial graduate, and the best overall art science graduate at the Bermuda University Graduation Ceremony last month. Won the award.

“Next year, Isaiah will join Deloitte as a summer intern. While at Deloitte, he will launch the Deloitte Exclusive Experience Program. [DEEP] As an audit and warranty intern. The 10-week summer program gives you first-hand experience in accounting, auditing, operational risk and more. He also learns from his like-minded experts and contributes to the project deliverables of Deloitte Bermuda clients.

Isaiah Cabral Bermuda June 6, 2022 (2)

Jarita Vickers, Chief Financial Officer, commented: Deloitte is proud to support and support the development of local talent. Such a moment. Through the annual Deloitte Scholarship, we will ultimately help students realize their dreams and achieve their career aspirations.

“I am pleased to be awarded the 2022 Deloitte Scholarship Award to Isaiah. Isaiah embodies the essence of diligence and determination. His maturity and understanding of what is ultimately best for him. Impressive. Congratulations on Isaiah’s achievements so far and hopes he will continue to succeed as he embarks on the next phase of his academic journey. “

Isaiah Cabral commented: “I am very grateful to Deloitte Bermuda for giving me this scholarship and allowing me to continue my education at my dream school. With the help of Deloitte, I will achieve my goal of becoming a Certified Accountant. I am also one step closer to. I am also grateful to the Scholarship Committee for acknowledging my long-standing commitment to scholarship. “

The company added, “Students, want to know more about Deloitte? Join us at the Summer Student Networking event on Monday, July 18th. We have imagination, natural ingenuity, solution offerings, problem solving. A place for curious people to welcome those who value. In our company, in our financial services sector, including Audit and Warranty, Financial Advisory, Actual, Risk and Analysis, Risk Advisory. You can find your unique fit [operational risk and IT auditing]And taxes.

“We offer unrestricted ambitions with life-changing career and professional development opportunities. Join the Deloitte Network, connect with the global community, gain valuable work experience, and the benefits of flexwork. Get local and international training, volunteer opportunities, and lifelong friendships. Deloitte Bermuda’s student programs include high school work experience and Deloitte internship programs. [DEEP]University-assigned co-operative placement, Deloitte Scholarships and Deloitte Graduate Program.

“Deloitte offers a variety of career options, each with endless future potential. For more information on student programs and enrollment in networking events, visit please.”

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