More than a month after the journalist was killed, lack of accountability..

Israel will not punish the occupying forces behind the attack that saw it attack the funeral of martyred Al Jazeera journalist Sirene Abu Acre, Tel Aviv’s media outlet Harlets reported Thursday.

Citing knowledgeable sources, the press said the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) had completed an investigation into the attack on the mourners without revealing the results. The apartheid state described the assault as merely illegal, despite acknowledging the crimes committed by its army.

During the violent attack, unarmed Palestinian casket attendants were forced to drop most of Abu Acre’s casket and drive the body of the journalist to Jerusalem’s graveyard, rather than to it. ..

Israel claimed that the casket was taken without the consent of Abu Acre’s family, and that the late journalist’s brother, Anton Abu Acre, disputed it. Commenting on the latest investigation, Abu Acre’s brother told AFP that Israel was trying to cover up the mistake.

“We don’t care what Israel is saying or doing. Everything is clear from the pictures. The police are invaders,” Anton said.

Zionist troops fired a stun grenade after attacking the hospital where Abu Acre was housed, injuring 33 and detaining at least 14.

Qatar strongly condemned the attack, saying it reflected “the brutality of Israel’s apartheid regime and its disregard for all human values.”

At the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos last month, Qatar’s Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Altani said Israel denied the dignified burial of Abu Acre.

“”[The] A Palestinian-American journalist was killed in Palestine two weeks ago and subsequently deprived of a majestic burial. Sirene has covered the suffering of Palestinians for decades, and our hearts are broken, “Amir said.

Lack of accountability

Abu Akleh was shot dead by Israeli snipers on May 11 while reporting on the IOF’s assault on Jenin. Israeli soldiers began shooting her, even though she clearly identified her as a press by wearing her flake jacket and helmet.

Al Jazeera said Abu Acre was intentionally shot. The soldier was aiming for the exact part of his head that was not covered by the helmet he was wearing at the time.

The world mourned the loss of a 51-year-old journalist, who continues to be widely known as the voice of Palestinians living under the ongoing Israeli occupation.

Her funeral was the largest in Palestine in decades, with thousands of mourners carrying her casket from one area to another before burying her in Jerusalem.

After funeral violence, Israeli authorities arrested 34-year-old Amuro Abkudale, one of the Palestinian casket attendants who protected the casket during the attack.

“Amuro was asked why he insisted on carrying the casket and keeping it from falling to the ground,” Abu Kudale’s lawyer, Kaldoun Nazim, told Al Jazeera last month.

Last month, Al Jazeera’s Washington bureau chief Abdellahim Fukara told an informal UN Security Council meeting to investigate the killings of network journalists.

“Al Jazeera’s position is very clear, Shireen Abu Akleh’s life is important, and a transparent and independent investigation into her killings by Israeli security forces and serious violations of her funeral is also important,” Qatar said. As quoted, Foukara told the council. Base network.

More than a month after Abu Acre was killed, people continue to seek independent investigations and lack accountability.

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