The government has issued a request for information [RFI] Procurement of electric motorcycles for the Bermuda Post Office.

According to RFI [PDF]“The Cabinet Office is responsible for procuring motorcycles for the Bermuda Post Office, which uses a fleet of motorcycles to deliver mail and parcels to residents and businesses across the island. This RFI only considers models that hit the market in 2022 and are or may become available in Bermuda now.

“The gradual electrification of government vehicles provides a significant opportunity for governments to lead by example, create the skill sets and financial services needed for electric vehicles, and stimulate the market for EV adoption. Key areas of support are sought, and together they address key electrification challenges common to island nations.

“Overcoming the initial cost hurdle is necessary, and even more important in the current era of capital-constrained budgets. Ensuring operational reliability and uptime to power additional purchases by government agencies. Solutions to both challenges are expected to generate momentum and drive long-term market adoption of electric vehicles.

“Given the well-understood initial costs and market maturity, this RFI solicits responses from vendors and service providers submitted singly or jointly for electric motorcycles, a key area of ​​interest. I’m here.

“This is not a request for proposal [RFP] or solicitation of formal proposals. Information collected through this RFI will be used to assess market conditions for government fleet electric motorcycles and funding. ”


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