Engineers in East Iceland are telling the ancestral methods of turf construction, Austur frétt reports. Þorvaldur P. Hjarðar has extensive experience in these ancient building techniques and recently restored two lawn annexes and one lawn shed on his farm, Hjarðarhagií Jökudal.

“Not many people are attending such specialized courses, but seven were interested in attending, so now, of course, we have finished rebuilding the old lawn smoke house that must be dedicated by smoking. I’m about to sing an old song with some lambs, “said Þorvaldur. His course focused on how to build turf structures unique to the East Fjord.

The interior wall of a restored lawn house, Hjarðarhagií Jökudal / MinjastofnunÍslands, Instagram

“In fact, few people know this, but there have been many unique things here in the eastern lawn houses. First and foremost, most of those masonry seems to be called it. It is cabled to. This means that the layers of turf and stone alternate. This is not unprecedented elsewhere, but very noticeable here in the east. Most of here. There weren’t many good stones in the place, so it was done a lot here. “

Inside the restored turf shed, Hjarðarhagií Jökudal / screenshot, RÚV

Þorvaldur says Icelanders even have their own prosciutto, which is a luxury item that has not yet been utilized.

“That is, in the old days everything hangikjöt [smoked lamb] Double smoked in a smoker made of turf, its hangikjöt is very different from the processed varieties available in Icelandic supermarkets today. The meat is much harder and the flavor is much milder. In my opinion, it’s the only true Icelandic delicacy, but no one is carrying out this historic tradition. I’m worried about Italian prosciutto and Spanish Hamon Iberico. But if you just smoked it in an old-fashioned lawn house, there are exactly equivalent products in this country. “

Restored lawn windows, Hjarðarhagií Jökudal / screenshots, RÚV

Þorvaldur states that he has noticed a growing interest in Icelandic turf houses, which is by far the largest among foreign tourists.

“It’s certainly growing interest, but it’s probably the most important thing among Icelanders,” he meditated. “It doesn’t make sense because we tend to go see old buildings when we are traveling abroad, but we care almost nothing about our own amazing history and homes. And no one should doubt that Iceland’s turf houses are magnificent in every way. “

The post “Mainly foreigners are interested in Shiba no Ie” was first published in the Island Review.

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