Pizza: Fine gourmet food or affordable food for people? It’s a problem that pizza making has plagued Italian billionaire Flavio Briatore against a UNESCO World Heritage-listed Naples chef.

A classic Italian and popular all over the world, pizza is traditionally made with simple ingredients. The restaurant in a city in southern Naples offers the classic pizza Margherita for only € 4.

Briatore challenged these low prices in response to criticisms of the prices charged at crazy pizza restaurants in London, Monte Carlo, Riyadh and Italy. The Spanish Patanegra ham top pizza sells for € 65 and customers are charged € 49. Covered with black truffle shavings.

“Pizza for 4 euros? What do these people put in the pizza?” Briatore wrote on Instagram that he rejected the cheap Margherita in Naples as “a brick of dough with a puddle of tomatoes”.

Chef Sergiomitch, chairman of the Neapolitan Pizzamakers Association, accused Briatore of betraying the humble heritage of pizza and counterattacked. “Pizza has overcome war and cholera and has fed the whole generation,” he said in a statement.

In response to Briatore’s remarks, one of Italy’s most famous pizza chefs, Gino Sorbiro, offered free pizza in front of his family restaurant in central Naples.

“(Briatore) says cheap pizza isn’t good? We can make and taste it this way and tell you what it looks like,” Briatore told RTL Radio.

One night, Briatore’s cook suggested that the chef of Naples prepare the food alongside the chef of Naples. -Reuters

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