Singapore-Those interested in photography, cooking and even developing mobile applications can now enroll in a free workshop run by the Institute of Technical Education (ITE).

From Wednesday (July 13th) to the end of October, ITE Chief Executive Officer Low Khah Gek said there are 30 courses that people can choose from as part of the institute’s 30th anniversary celebration. ..

The idea she added was to give back to the community. The community has shown support for ITE and its students for many years.

Low spoke at ITE College East on Wednesday at the launch of an initiative called the 30 Gifts for the Community.

“The community supported ITE when students achieved it, and responded generously when they needed financial support. Others volunteered to become student mentors. “She said.

Each of the three ITE colleges offers 10 skill workshops, including a course on how to fly a drone and a course on the basics of using social media platforms.

Interested parties can sign up for one of 17 institutions working with ITE, such as the Singapore Community Development Council (CDC) and the Failleue Senior Activity Center.

In a statement, Gan Siow Huang, Minister of Education and Human Resources, said ITE will play an important role in promoting Singapore’s economic success by training and equipping the right technical skills for the workforce. Said that he has played.

On Wednesday, ITE also signed a memorandum of understanding with Diversey, a US-based cleaning and sanitation company, to strengthen efforts to promote climate change awareness and green function.

Both organizations focus on two community projects aimed at helping underprivileged people in countries such as Singapore and Malaysia and Indonesia over a five-year period.

The first, called Soap for Hope, is aimed at students who collect the remaining soap bars from the hotel and convert them into new soap bars using a 10-minute cold press method.

Soap bars not only promote hygiene practices in local communities, but also help hotels reduce waste.

At the launch event, about 30 people from ITE and about 18 people from Delta High School and Metta School participated in the project demonstration.

Crystal Sui Jin, 18, an ITE student, says the project has made her more sympathetic to living conditions in other parts of the world.

A sophomore in civil engineering and structural engineering design at Higher Nightec said:

“So, in our little way, we want to give others a little joy.”

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