Delicious Harry Styles fans have recovered from the almost overwhelming performance of the former One Direction star, and two safety concerns have stopped the gig.

After being described as some minor incidents at Aviva Stadium, pop sensation Harry intervened and called for a gig stop at two different points to check out crowd members near the stage.

But it didn’t stop at 60,000 songs in the stadium, ending all the songs Styles had to offer with his opening number, “Sushi Restaurant Music,” which was almost drowned in the sound of screams. ..

The singer also mentioned the incident in Tarat many years ago. He said, “I noticed the sign there,’The party at Tarat’s house?’. I’ve been to many places in Tarat. I got a headbutt. Good. It was great! But , I bought ….. 2 bananas for 1 pound, 3 bananas for 1 euro! “

It was a reference to the 2015 gig, where One Direction was playing in a packed three arena for three nights in Dublin.

Harry remembered how he was once taken to Tallaght by his fellow bandmate Niall Horan.

According to Styles for a huge audience, Horan took him to a party in Tarat five years before the band was just beginning and was head-butted.

Asking the crowd, “I’m going to talk about who’s from Tarat,” Styles went on to say, “About five years ago, I traveled to Ireland with a young Neil and went to Mullingar.” We went to the party, we weren’t Neil. “

When asked where the party was, Horan replied “Tarat” and was applauded by the audience. Styles asked a person from Mullingar, “What happened to me in Tarat?” Horan replied, “Some guys head-butted you.”

Today’s video

The style was added as follows. “.

After a rough night, as the dust settled down, many fans today woke up with memories of a great show.

“The morning after the Harry Styles gig, the purple boa feathers in the city of Dublin are incredibly poetic,” one tweeted this morning.

Another addition: “370 euros in the dirtyest dungeon of the hotel at night, 440 euros in 4 tickets, 65 euros in T-shirts and posters! Girls spending time in young life .. Harry in Dublin last night・ Styles-It’s precious! “

One fan described the growing age group among fans as follows:

Some say: “My buddy flew all the way from America and went to see @Harry_Styles @AVIVAStadium in Dublin. He got us both pit tickets, and we’re more special I couldn’t ask for a nice night! “

The person who added it briefly added: “Thanks to @Harry_Styles in Dublin last night. It was special.

I love you. “

Another said: “Harry Styles is very nice and still very sweet! What a show!”

“Harry, you’re a gentleman, a legend, a kind of memory. That’s why we thank you,” while another added: “Aviva Stadium Ireland I love you.”

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