HANGZHOU – Hong Kong superstar Jackie Chan recently bought a 40 million yuan (S$8 million) mansion in Hangzhou, China.

A video of the 68-year-old actor attending the handover ceremony of the house went viral on Chinese social media over the weekend as the mansion’s lavish interior was also shown in the clip.

The ceremony included a lion dance performance, and Chan was seen shaking hands with the guests upon their arrival and taking group photos.

According to Hong Kong media, the 4.8m-high residence overlooks the Qiantang River in Hangzhou.

The living room is said to feature a golden ceiling edge made from pure 18k gold, while the floor tiles and walls of the house are paved with milky white marble.

According to Chinese media, he chose to buy a house in Hangzhou, where he can fly to work by helicopter.

It’s also near Hengdian World Studio in Zhejiang, where he’s been filming lately.

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