James Corden has opened up about his struggle with fame and why he feels he’s being viewed negatively online: ‘No one is telling us how to deal with this.’ increase.

Like many celebrities in the limelight, the actor and comedian has faced criticism on social media, recently accusing him of misbehavior with the owner of New York’s Balthazar restaurant. There is a heated debate going on online.

In an interview with The Times, Corden said he no longer reads about himself in the media and aims to focus on his work.

Asked why he felt there was a perception that he was callous to his fans, the Gavin & Stacy star told the newspaper:

“I didn’t know how to deal with it, and people were like, ‘Oh, Smithy!’ And what do you do?

“They expect to see a confident young man drinking lager, or a lazy man. And I’m not really a young man.

“I’m a musical theater performer. I don’t drink beer. I might like one Slimline G&T. I didn’t know what people wanted from me.”

He revealed that someone eventually told him to say, “Thank you, that’s really nice.”

Corden continues: Now I want to talk to the viewers, I want them to feel that they are getting something special that they can’t get on TV.

“But the problem is that nobody tells me how to deal with this problem. I have to figure it out along the way and I’m so confused whether people like the character or whether they like me.” was doing.

The actor was temporarily barred last week after Keith McNally, owner of Manhattan’s Balthazar, claimed he was “extremely disgusting” with staff on two separate occasions about his meal, which included an omelet. rice field.

McNally posted about the incident on social media, sparking strong backlash and calling for Corden to be “banned” from other venues.

Corden later said on an episode of his talk show, The Late Late Show, that it was “never my intention” to upset the staff at a New York restaurant, but was “disrespectful” during the incident. ” was admitted.

Speaking about the controversy with The Times, the actor texted the journalist: “It was the most surreal moment.

“I mean, it’s so weird. I never screamed at anyone. And is that okay? And now it’s a fact, and that’s it. The person who posted the story is there When I wasn’t there, it’s very strange.

He added: So I ordered an egg yolk omelet. Her actual words were, “But don’t worry if it doesn’t work out.”

Corden said he often finds people “nice” to him while walking through cities like London, New York and Los Angeles, but made it clear he no longer reads about himself. did.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve read anything, and most of the time, the broadsheet journalists were … insanely cruel,” he said.

“I remember a review of The Wrong Mans show me and Matt[Bainton]wrote. There was a critic who said, ‘Wouldn’t it have been better if James Corden was dead? I will never forget…”

Corden announced in April that he was stepping down as host of The Late Late Show in the United States.

He extended his contract with CBS and is said to have run the show for one more year before exiting the show in the summer of 2023.

The actor is exploring new ventures, starring in a six-part comedy-drama titled Mammals about the intricacies of marriage.

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