James Nesbitt said he didn’t “begin” to appear in a dark drama playing the role of a police officer, but opportunities emerged throughout his career.

A 57-year-old Northern Ireland actor will star as veteran detective Danny Freighter, a new crime thriller suspect on Channel 4, starting at 9 pm on Sunday.

Nesbitt has played a variety of characters throughout his career, many of which fall into the police genre, including his role in the hit shows Bloodlands and Line of Duty.

He told PA News Agency:

“But definitely, the role of the policeman has a big canvas because the policeman I played was very different.”

The actor said his role ranged from police officers with the power of Lucky Man’s superhero in the television series to corrupt ones.

He added: “There are various stories that can be written around the police, which is really good for me, but God only knows why they went to me for the police.”

Looking back on whether he felt typecasted, he said, “I think I remember a lot of what I did, so I don’t necessarily think so.”

He added: A relaxed and sociable person. “

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However, he said he would like to explore other genres such as romantic comedy, musicals and historical drama.

In his next drama, his character Danny appears in the hospital morgue for what he considers to be a regular ID check on the body of a young woman, and the corpse is his estranged daughter. You will be devastated when it turns out.

As the father of two daughters, Nesbitt said he naturally relied on his life experience in developing his role.

He also maintained his natural Northern Ireland accent during the show, as he did for his many other roles.

“I certainly try to use my own accents, not because I don’t want to use other accents, but Northern Ireland is part of me,” he explained.

“When I grew up, the Northern Ireland accent was only associated with conflict.

“And when I did something like Cold Feet, I decided that it would be a Northern Ireland accent that had nothing to do with trouble.”

The suspects who arranged the Danish series will also feature Nip / Tuck’s Joely Richardson, outlander actor Sam Heughan, Bridgerton’s Ben Miller, and shameless actress Anne-Marie Duff.

The suspect will start on Channel 4 at 9 pm on June 19th.

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