Jamie Oliver has praised his wife Jules for calling her an “absolute superstar” after suffering two long years of Covid.

The 47-year-old celebrity chef, who rose to fame on cooking show The Naked Chef, said his wife, a children’s clothing designer, was “really affected” by the virus.

He said: “She’s had bad Covid and long Covid, so she’s really affected sadly.

“She’s okay, but she’s still not what she wants to be. It’s been two years and she feels very scared.”

The TV chef explained that he had been seen by a professional medical professional, but that he had not been able to resolve his symptoms as they were not yet aware of them.

“We’re all over Harley Street like a rash, but no one really knows anything. Covid long-term data is still accumulating. She was an absolute superstar.”

Experts at King’s College London this month said there are three “subtypes” of the condition, each with its own symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, shortness of breath, muscle pain and heart palpitations.

The couple have been married for 22 years and have five children together.

Of his relationship, the TV chef said, “Me and Jules have been together since we were 18.

“We went to London with nothing but dreams and aspirations. Luckily, we were able to cement our relationship before it all started. Then we did it together. It was exciting.

“When I first started dating Jules, she said, ‘I wouldn’t be able to have children.’ She had polycystic ovaries, and here are five. .”

This couple is the parent of Poppy, Daisy, Petal, Buddy and River.

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Oliver added:

“The minute they turn 13, you’re dumped. You’re looking out. All you want is to be hugged and appreciated a few times a day, but a lot of chemistry.” is happening.

“You can’t get your kids back after 13. They completely change. When you start getting them back, they’re off to college. So it’s like bereavement.”

In 2020, Jules revealed she had a miscarriage during lockdown, and the couple had openly talked about losing “five little stars in the sky” in the past.

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