In a Facebook post on Monday morning (July 18th), Labor Party MP Jamus Lim highlighted one lesson that the Covid-19 pandemic taught everyone. This is because the traditional model from 9 am to 6 pm in the office is “totally unnecessary for most people. Work in the modern economy.”

“We were able to connect from home to the office system, hold effective meetings in Zoom, and avoid childcare and family time schedules dressed in PJs, salons and boxers. ESSEC Business School Economy Sengkang GRC, an associate professor of parliament, said:

He acknowledged that remote work has disadvantages, such as the lack of socialization needed to foster a team spirit, but added that this is best achieved at non-work events...

“Still, as long as goals and deliverables are still achieved, it seems better to boost individual morale by giving them greater flexibility in when and where they work.

In the long run, workers need to be evaluated by output, not input, “he writes.

Next, I added a link to the Harvard Business Review article. This emphasizes the number of workers who are “more and more autonomous” in that more employees say no to working five days a week, but prefer three days in the office. .. Working remotely.

“I hope that the local office culture will gradually evolve and better reflect this approach to modern work.

However, culture does not always evolve as fast as we want. “

He added that the government can contribute to the problem by setting an example for the private sector to follow.

“Public services are a natural place for such policies to take root. That’s why I’m happy to hear that the government will actually adopt flexible arrangements for the public sector.”

Associate Professor Lim also quoted another article in the Harvard Business Review.

“By the way, another HBR article also suggests that the fear of loss of control, culture, and collaboration is irrelevant. Certainly, some to make sure that such purpose is not forgotten. Efforts must be made, but the same is true in traditional workplaces.

Hopefully, the labor culture of our country will reach a point where such warnings are no longer needed. In the meantime, we can all contribute to a change in the way we think about our workplace. / TISG

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