For the family of women’s mini-marathon veteran Joan Brady, it was a moving day to win the 40th medal at the Sunday event.

Oan, who has participated in all mini marathons since the early 1980s, sadly died in March.

A driving force behind the local mini-marathon movement, she set up a group of women’s joggers and walkers in Dundalk, organizing buses for those attending the event each year.

This year, her daughters Helen and Susan, law daughter Emma, ​​and granddaughter Aruba all wear specially designed “Joan for Joan” T-shirts in honor of Joan in the city of Dublin. went out.

“It’s been raining all the time, but it was a great experience to be part of what my mom loved so much,” Helen told Argus.

“She has run all mini marathons since it started in 1983. Even in the virtual marathons of the last two years, she has been roaming the garden.”

“This was really big for her. It was her 40th year and it made a lot of sense. I went to present the medals and awarded the medals to everyone who participated from the beginning. The race begins. Earlier, they gave a special presentation for mom from Lord Mayor, and we were able to meet all the other women. It was really nice and very moving to meet them. “

When the race started, Helen felt “Mom was there well” and added that all four walked around the route and finished within minutes of each other.

“Despite the rain, the atmosphere was very nice and very enjoyable. Every year, in honor of my mom, I think it will be a new tradition for all of us.”

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