João Moreira has ensured that this season’s jockey championship will reach a thrilling climax after leveling with Zac Purton in Happy Valley on Wednesday night.

Magicman has been chasing Parton for a few weeks and was two weeks late to enter the mid-week meeting, but after riding the double, he heads to Saturday’s season finale in the vibrant Sha Tin.

Moreira took only four races to wipe out his rival’s championship lead. Brazilians first boarded the Amazing Boy with a Class 5 Bentris Handicap (2,200m).

Michael Chang Chun Wai’s runner has partnered with Parton in the last two starts, but Moreira is a simple way to get on him at the right time and put a five-year-old kid in the winner’s enclosure for the first time. Created a comfortable ride.

Moreira tracked the front runner’s Crown Avenue from a perfect draw in Stall 1 and maintained a perfect position one behind.

Hugging the rails as they headed home, the Amazing Boy didn’t find any problems on their way home to win in length and a quarter.

If he was looking behind him after passing the post, Moreira’s joy in victory could have been enhanced by seeing Parton finish the runner-up at the Victorious Seeker.

The Australian rider was again out of luck as he couldn’t get a clear run on his favorite triple triple in the second section of the Class 4 Sontuk Handicap (1,200m). Enclosure after salute on a sugar sugar.

Moreira’s brace means that all premier races are heading to the final day, but if Magicman takes the trophy home as he rides two dead heat winners this season compared to Parton. Must surpass Parton on Saturday 1.

Elsewhere in the mid-week meeting, Keith Yong Min-Lun made a surprise to United Endeavor with a Class 4 Howtack Handicap (1,650m) and was the first winner since returning from an injury.

Yong was forced to miss for two months due to a freak collision with a rail on a jumbo goal at the end of April and was forced to miss for two months, not approaching third place on 20 rides after returning to action, but $ 35. Shot.

“That victory makes a lot of sense,” Yeung said. “To be honest, I had a little trouble because I had chosen a few weeks ago to come back, ride again, or take a break before the end of the season.

“I have decided to attend the last few meetings. I am grateful for all the help from the club that provided me with physiotherapy and nutrition advice. It was a great help.”

The United Endeavors are trained by Peter Ho Leon, who won the double at night after the Packing Award won the Class 2 Won Nai Chon Handicap (1,650m).

4-year-old Ho has scored four out of 14 wins this season, and as he continues to progress, he should be able to win even more.

Matthew Chadwick and Vincent C Y Ho Chaquiu both took the win at night, the former winning a Class 3 Oikwan Handicap (1,800m) in a Cruz-trained Super Oasis and remaining in the Tony Cruz Awards race. It was 5 clear.

“Matthew Chadwick was my apprentice. I believe he will win this award,” Cruz said. “It’s great to see Matthew win this award. He’s with Vincent Ho and Derek Leung. [Ka-chun]Do a great job. “

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