Hong Kong-At the drama and historic season finale, Zack Paton, Frankie Lore and Matthew Chadwick are personally best as the 2021/2022 Hong Kong race season ended brilliantly on Saturday (July 16th) in Sha Tin. Won the honor of.

Parton ended the turbulent season with a quartet victory in his fifth jockey championship. He missed eight meetings after a fall in mid-December, after which he lost his 18-win deficit to his rival João Moreira and eventually won 136-132.

Moreira’s 132 wins for the 88th final meeting held the narrowest advantage as the Brazilians included two dead heats compared to one dead heat. did.

In the fourth-to-last race, Parton put the championship out of reach of Moreira by defeating Moreira’s money catcher with a short head and riding the Torino Red Sun to seal the treble. ..

Previously, he won the Turquoise Alpha and Never Too Soon. He then took part in his penultimate race at Lucky Swines.

The battle between him and Moreira saw six lead changes.

He won the coveted titles on 2013/14, 2017/18, 2018/19 and 2019/20.

“Every title is special in its own way. I would also like to pay tribute to Joao. Through all of Covid’s blockade, it’s been a really difficult season for all of us here in Hong Kong, and for the last three years. Was difficult and had to homeschool the kids. We both had health problems, it was really hard, “Parton said.

“Both of us deserved to win it. It’s really hard and we can only do one person. I think both of us deserve it.

“It’s a waste of energy. We’re both at the end of the tether, so it’s great to be able to close it today, go on a holiday and start over next season.”

Rho has completed the fastest climb by homemade trainers to the trainer’s championship in decades. He finished the season with 90 wins.

In his fifth season alone, he has six more wins than his previous mentor and 11-time champion John Size.

“First we need to thank the Jockey Club. I joined the club in 1981 and have been there for 41 years, and the owners were really supportive,” Lor, 56.

“My stable team in Hong Kong and obedience are both working really hard for me and for my family. My son also does a lot of work for me. And thank you very much to my boss, Mr. Size.

“At this point, it’s only been five years since I got my trainer’s license. It’s a local trainer who can win this season’s championship, which means that local trainers can also win the championship. ,I’m really happy.”

Chadwick ended Vincent C Y Ho’s three-season rule with 55 wins, five more than Ho, as the winner of the Tony Cruz Award as the most successful jockey in his country. -HKJC

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