John Size aims to take full advantage of the Jockey Club’s decision to allow trainers to continue beyond the age of 70.

After the Jockey Club announced a change in licensing standards on Tuesday, the size will be Position As long as the rules allow, he has every intention to train in the city.

“I’ve been here for 20 years and I don’t feel that way,” said Size. “As we know, time is the governor of everything, but as long as I can contribute by playing the Jockey Club, I will try my best to do it.

“The idea is to continue. I will do my best and continue as long as the situation allows. I am fine now and will continue to do so.”

The size must maintain the high standards he set in the 20-year competition in Hong Kong in order to continue.

In the new benchmark, to continue above 70, trainers have won multiple premierships, boasting four or more individual pattern race rankings on a three-year moving average, and are in the top five championships and prizes. You need to attend regularly. money.

The 11th Champion Trainer, who is celebrating his 68th birthday this week, should have no problem achieving these goals as the fire is still burning brightly.

“I want to keep winning the race. The performance is still good, which shows that I’m still working properly,” said Size. “I’m not going home in the near future. I have no plans. I will continue to work in Hong Kong, win the race and be very happy with it.”

John Size lifts the 2017-18 Champion Trainer Trophy.

Size admitted that he had talked to the Jockey Club before the announcement, but doesn’t think the status quo has changed just to allow him to continue.

“There was a warning that the rules might change a bit,” said Size. “It was just a general argument, but they seem to have put some energy into it, and this is what they came up with.

“I don’t know if they changed the rules for me. There’s a lot going on, like obedience racing regularly, so I need a dual site trainer and a quality person I like them working. At this point, in today’s situation, it looks like a logical thing. “

Size is on the hind legs of his quest to win the 12th Trainers Championship this season, winning six of his former assistant Frankie Lore Fuchuen in just three meetings.

Size set to be the first HK trainer to continue beyond 70 after the standard has changed

But while the two are in the midst of fierce competition on the track, they continue to be good friends and the size is praised for their performance since Law started on his own.

“He was always destined to do that, and he will continue to be the power of rank in the future,” Size said.

“I’m glad to hear Frankie appreciate me. At this point, both are on track so I’m happy with what’s going on.”

The size is Sunday’s Sha Tin card with 7 runners, and there seems to be a particularly good chance with a class 2 butterfly silver plate (1,400m) beauty fit and a class 4 chan trophy (1,400m) tycoon jewelry.

“I’m working hard and doing my best,” said Size. “I trained three winners on Friday. I will continue to see what happens. I’ve always had a little luck in the last few weeks.”

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