Wakefield, United Kingdom: Britain’s embarrassed Prime Minister Boris Johnson will not resign Thursday if his ruling Conservative Party loses two closely monitored by-elections, including a former windless election held by the party for over a century. Stated. Tory could lose to the Westminster seats in Tiberton and Honiton in southwest England, the true blue center that voted for the Conservatives in all general elections since the 1880s, and the Wakefield contest in the north.

Voting is taking place after both former Tory lawmakers in the constituency have resigned in disgrace. Former lawmakers Neil Parrish of Tiberton and Honiton resigned after admitting to watching pornography on his cell phone at the House of Commons. Meanwhile, Wakefield’s Imran Ahmad Khan was imprisoned for sexually assaulting a teenage boy.

By-elections also followed months of scandals and setbacks that severely undermined Johnson and his party’s popularity, barely surviving an attempt by his own parliamentarians to expel him as Tory leader and prime minister. It will come only a few weeks later. In a June 6 vote among Conservatives, more than 40% of parliamentary parties abandoned Johnson, and he was severely weakened and struggled to reset his turbulent term.

When voters headed for polls, embarrassed British leaders claimed they were thousands of miles away to attend the federal summit, from which he wasn’t thinking of resigning again. “Are you stupid?” When asked on Thursday if the defeat of the twins could cause his resignation, he replied to a reporter traveling with him. “Political parties generally don’t win by-elections, especially in the medium term,” Johnson added. “I am completely focused on achieving this government agenda.”

“Proven liar”

Johnson fought months for his survival after a series of controversies, including the story of “Party Gate,” made many Tories question whether he should remain a leader. Various polls show that the public thinks he should resign because he lied about the COVID blockade destruction incident in Downing Street.

Even before the controversy broke out in December last year, the 58-year-old Brexit architect noticed that he lost two safe seats in last year’s by-elections. He then scored a dismal score in the May local elections. The latest potentially dangerous polls begin Thursday at 7am (Greenwich Mean Time 0600) and end at 10pm, with results expected early Friday.

The Conservatives won Tiverton and Honiton with more than 24,000 votes in 2019, following what the parliamentary parliamentary parliament described as an undefended moment of “total madness” watching pornography in Congress. , Seems ready to switch hands. The small opposition Liberal Democratic Party is hoping for success in the Devon region after similarly overthrowing the majority in 2021 with two other historically safe Tory seats. Wakefield near Leeds was one of the dozens of so-called Labor “red wall” seats adopted by Johnson. In 2019, we promised to “complete Brexit” and address obvious regional economic inequalities.

However, partly due to Johnson’s declining popularity, it may now be back. Retired teacher Judy Froggut said locals wanted to give Johnson a “blood nose.” “I’m very angry with much of what he did,” she told AFP after throwing a ballot, branding the Prime Minister as a “proven liar.”


Opinion polls show that Britain has been hit by high inflation and a crisis of living expenses for the first time in 40 years, and prices of daily necessities such as energy, gasoline and food have soared. This week, railroad worker strikes, some of the biggest seen in Britain in decades, have added to the sense of crisis.

However, the Wakefield contest also carries Labor risks. Labor needs to secure such a seat in order to win the next general election by 2024. The Left after the catastrophic defeat in 2019 has been criticized for lacking ties with voters, especially in the former middle ground. Less than a compelling victory at Wakefield could be captured by his critics as further evidence that he had completed the reconstruction and was unable to bring the party back into power in opposition for 12 years. There is sex.

Moretta Pulan, 79, a retired resident of Wakefield, said people were “disillusioned” with both of Britain’s major political parties, but Johnson was blamed for it. “That is, I think people are (actually) at a crossroads when it comes to who to vote for,” she told AFP. “We all reached out to Boris and thought he would be the greatest leader ever and lead us to a land of glory, but he didn’t.” – AFP.

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