Documentary maker Jon Ronson revealed that he didn’t want to sound “beyond blame”, so he referred to his previous rivalry with Louis Theroux in his work.

The 55-year-old writer and broadcaster, like Theroux’s work, produces podcasts, programs, and books that tell stories of people around society.

Speaking on Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs, he confirmed that he is now friends with Theroux, but people feel that he is exploring these topics in front of fellow filmmakers. I would like to inform you.

Luis Serow (Matt Crosic / PA)

He states: I didn’t want to be a representative of a society of justice, enter the world of crazy people, and be a person of justice.

“They are wrong, as I am right. I didn’t want to do that. Therefore, the fact that I often put my own absurdity in the story.

“In the 1990s, Louis and I had a bit of a rivalry, and it was a bit embarrassing that we had this rivalry, but it was so ridiculous that I’ll talk about it.

“I and Louis were like conjoined twins and had this joke on stage that one of us had to die in order for one to be strong.

“But I deliberately put them in for that reason, as I didn’t want to be a wise man beyond blame.”

Ronson has produced a number of works investigating controversial figures and groups, including his book Them: AdventuresWith Extremeists.

Theroux also has a 25-year career exploring topics from the neo-Nazi cult world to the Church of Scientology.

Jon Ronson (Jonathan Brady / Pennsylvania)

Broadcaster Ronson said he is now thinking about the world of Therru after many years of rivalry.

He states: “I was fortunate enough to mature a way out of that destructive thought spiral.

“And it’s great to sit and look at one of Louis’s documentaries and feel nothing but the joy of seeing it.”

However, he admitted that he sometimes reminded people that he believed he was investigating these topics before Theroux, including once to a member of the British Embassy.

He remembered that he had to call the embassy once when the Bilderberg group was going on, and when they didn’t understand what it meant to call himself a humanist journalist, he said, “I Is a bit like Lewis Serow. “

Ronson said he told them when it provided clarity to the embassy: “But in reality, I was doing it first.”

He joked: “I thought this might be the last conversation I have, I might die, I was going to use my last breath on earth (for this) To) “.

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