A Georgia judge rejected public debt Thursday night for plotting by Atlanta rapper Young Thug for violating the state’s RICO law and participating in a criminal street gang.

Ulton County Judge Ural Granville has ruled that the entertainer, whose real name is Jeffrey Lamar Williams, is seriously concerned about the dangers to the community, the press reported.

Prosecutors claimed that Williams was the head of a violent street gang he co-founded called Young Slime Life.

The gang committed multiple murders, shootings, hijackings, and advertised its activities in songs and social media for almost a decade. The prosecutor indicted Rapper Christian Epinger, who aspires to be Rapper Gunna (real name Sergio Kitchen), in an 88-page indictment indicting him. And 24 other people are using rackets.


According to prison records, Atlanta rapper named Jeffrey Lamar Williams was one of 28 people charged in May in a plot that violated state RICO law and street gang accusations (AP). Via Fulton County Security Officer Office)

Epinger has already been put in jail and was accused of shooting and killing Atlanta police officers six times in February.

Atlanta’s station WXIA-TV said Young Thug was “the most dangerous man here because he didn’t have to get his hands dirty, leaving the work to others,” according to the prosecutor.

Williams has been detained since he was arrested last month at his home in a luxury district north of downtown Atlanta.

His lawyer pointed out the involvement of the musician in the community and introduced several witnesses to counter the images drawn by the prosecutor.

Music executive Kevin Lyles testified that Williams was “like a son” and he was willing to put his wealth and business behind the bond.

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“It’s not just an artist. I think he’s an influencer and was placed here to change the people around him,” said the rapper. “Contributing citizens to this world.”

Young Thug made history when he co-authored the hits “This Is America” ​​and “Childish Gambino” and became the first Grammy-winning hip-hop track in 2019.

According to the judge, the scheduled hearing date is January 9, 2023.

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