In July 2022, the top 10 “Most Liked” photos on Bernews’ Instagram page included dancehall artists Shen Xi and Ding Dong performing, SpaceX launch seen from Bermuda, Cup Match and Eastern County Games fan Dame It included winning the race for Flora Duffy. World Triathlon Championship Series, Visiting Yachts, Cecilia’s Care Residency and Next Level Openings, Summer Internship at BELCO and more.

#1 – Chessy and Ding Dong Performance

#2 – SpaceX Launch

#3 – Cup Match Fans

#4 – Eastern Country Game Fun

#5 – Dame Flora Duffy Wins World Triathlon Championship Series

#6 – Visit a yacht

#7 – Cecilia’s Care Residency Opens

#8 – “Next Level” Opening

#9 – Cup Match Roster

#10 – BELCO Summer Intern

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