August 27, local video game company Bermuda Island Games [BIG] and educational institution dCyfa have teamed up to host a junior video game design bootcamp.

A spokesperson said: Based on the feedback from that challenge, we needed a program to teach coding to young audiences. As a result, BIG and dCyfa have joined forces to offer a junior video game design bootcamp to encourage young students to learn how to apply coding to video games.

“Our all-day bootcamp covers a variety of coding levels, using the same technology that many of today’s video games are built on! You can learn how to use Scratch, intermediate coders can learn more advanced tools like augmented reality, and professionals can learn more 3D action games using Unreal Engine 5. I can do it.

“Junior Video Game Design Bootcamp will be held on August 27th from 9am to 5pm at Warwick Academy for children ages 7 to 14. Only $10 to attend. PTix. Buy your tickets at For more information on the event, visit

“We are delighted to sponsor this upcoming bootcamp. Adrian is passionate about helping develop the game design industry in Bermuda. Having successfully launched Somers Island, it’s great to see his desire to pay it forward to ensure he builds the next wave of game developers in Bermuda.

“Special thanks to BEDC, Bermuda Government Economic Development Authority, Bermuda Motors, Horizon Communications Ltd. and People’s Pharmacy for making this event possible.”

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