Being an older bird, the sanctuary said, “Rod had age-related health problems.”

He has been under the Senior Animal Care Program since 2018. This includes more frequent health checks, customized diet and feeding, and environmental changes to help maintain a good quality of life.

Mandai Wildlife Reserve found that after Rod’s last evaluation by his caregiver and veterinarian, his age-related complications had progressed and were “seriously affecting his quality of life.”

“For welfare reasons, the difficult decision was made to humanely euthanize him.”

Rod has left his mark on everyone who has walked his path for over 50 years, but no one has known him quite like Clarence Thaw since he first attended Jurong Bird Park in 1988. .

“Rod was a special bird. He was the bird I got to work with the longest. said Mr.

“Rod showed us how truly intelligent and full of character birds can be. The bird park wouldn’t be the same without him and we will miss him.”

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