We will deliver the best Amazon Japan to Singapore customers ahead of Prime Day.

Customers can buy millions of Amazon Japan products on Amazon.sg and enjoy a wide selection, great prices, and free * international shipping to the front door.

Singapore – Media Outreach – July 7, 2022 – Amazon is expanding its lineup from Amazon Japan on Amazon.sg today to bring Singapore customers home, apparel, shoes, electronics, video games, toys, luxury beauty and more. With this launch, Singapore customers featuring popular Japanese brands such as Pokemon, Nintendo, Wacoal, Yamazaki, Wing / Wacoal, Iris Ohyama and Bandai will be able to explore the best places in Amazon Japan. .. Customers can also expect Amazon.sg to unlock more product categories in Amazon Japan after launch.

Henry Row, Country Manager at Amazon Singapore, said: “We are always looking for new ways to expand our product choices, provide greater value to our customers and enhance our shopping experience. Starting today, Singapore customers are looking for convenience at home. You can enjoy a wide range of products from your favorite Japanese brands. ”

With the launch of Amazon Japan on Amazon.sg, thousands of new and unique products that Singapore customers can purchase have been added, including home and kitchen items such as Hario Teapot, Zojirushi Travel Mug, and Yamazaki 4-Piece Silicone. Will be done. Baby and Toys items such as Toolset, Richell Baby Chair, Kumon Kumi Kumi Connect Lots of Slopes 100, Combi Fixed Baby Seat, video games such as PAC-MAN Museum + for Nintendo Switch.

Explore the best of Amazon Japan with these selections and more on Amazon.sg.

  • See the selection from Home & Kitchen here:
    • Staub’s La Cocotte Degohan Cast Iron Pot, etc.
    • Yamazaki’s bathroom basket, storage rack, etc.
    • LEC microfiber towel, anti-fog mirror liquid, bath cleaner, etc.
  • Explore the choices from toys here:
    • Pokemon card games, stuffed animals, etc.
    • Kotobukiya Megami Device, Modeling Accessories and Parts
    • Learn tablets and toys from Gakken
  • See the selection from beauty here:
    • Canmake liquid liner, rush curler, etc.
    • Etude eyeshadow and cheek palette, color collector, etc.
    • Shiseido Hair Care and Skin Care
  • Explore choices from babies here:
    • Richell for Babies Drinking Cups, Baby Guards, etc.
    • Combi’s bacterial sterilizer, stroller, bib, etc.
    • Pigeon’s nasal aspirator vacuum, medicated lotion, etc.
  • Explore the choices from electronics here:
    • Elecom foldable laptop stand, mouse, mouse pad, etc.
    • Wacom tablets and accessories
    • Logitech G Gaming Headset, Gaming Mouse, etc.
  • See the selection from apparel & shoes here:
    • LeSportsac Daniela Crossbody Bag, Deluxe Everyday Bag, Small Jenny Shoulder Bag, etc.
    • Mizuno short-sleeved T-shirts, polo shirts, tennis caps, etc.
    • Wing / Wacoal wireless bra, camisole, etc.

* In addition, Prime members have access to millions of products in the Amazon International Store, including Japan Selection, and international shipping of eligible products is free at no minimum cost. Non-Prime customers can enjoy free delivery of eligible products for as little as S $ 40. You can combine Amazon US and Amazon Japan products into one basket. Not a prime member yet? Anyone can join Prime or start a 30-day free trial at amazon.sg/prime.

To start shopping for your Amazon Japan selection on Amazon.sg today, please visit this link.

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