The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, Kalush Orchestra, hopes Ukraine will be able to host next year’s event, even though the organizers have excluded it.

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) decided on Thursday that the “serious” risk of air raids in Ukraine and the “high” risk of mass casualties do not meet the “requirements needed to host” competition. Said that he contributed to.

The folk rap group Karsh, who spoke from Glastonbury prior to his first UK performance since winning Eurovision in Turin, thanked British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for saying that the event should take place in Kyiv. ..

Frontman Oleg Psyuk told PA News Agency:

“So there is (still) a lot of debate in Ukraine right now. Maybe Ukraine will be invited (to host Eurovision),” he added.

“And we fully hope that Eurovision will come to Ukraine.”

The BBC is discussing hosting the event with the EBU, with the British Samrider taking second place over Italy’s Karsh.

UK Samrider finished second in the Eurovision Song Contest (Victoria Jones / Pennsylvania)

After returning from his unannounced visit to Kieu, Johnson told reporters at RAF Brize Norton and believed that it would be possible to proceed with the contest in Ukraine despite the ongoing conflict with Russia. Said that.

“The Ukrainians won the Eurovision Song Contest. I know there was a great entry. I know I was in second place. I hope to be in this country,” he said. I did.

“But the fact is that they won and they deserve it. I believe they can have it, and I have them I believe it should be. I think Kyiv and other safe Ukrainian cities will be great places to get it. “

After the EBU announced that after a “complete assessment and feasibility study”, it concluded that the “security and operational assurance” required for competition in Ukraine could not be met by the public broadcaster UA: PBC. That is.

However, the channel issued a statement claiming that it was “denied” to host the contest, calling for the negotiations to be put on hold at the new location.

On Friday, Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelensky described Glastonbury as “the greatest concentration of freedom” and undertook a festival calling for “spreading the truth” about Russia’s aggression to the world.

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