Kate Bush broke the record in the longest time it took for a single to reach number one after reaching the top spot in “Mysterious Hill” 37 years after its release.

First released in 1985 as the lead track for her Hounds Of Love album, the new wave track regained worldwide popularity after being featured in the fourth series of Stranger Things.

The UK’s longest-running sleeper hit title is Wham, which topped the official singles chart in 2021, 36 years after Last Christmas was released! Was previously held by.

The Mysterious Hill is currently number one in Australia, New Zealand, Sweden and Switzerland, and has reached a new peak at number four on the US charts.

Initially it reached 3rd place in the UK at the time of release and in 2012 it was 12th again.

The British singer-songwriter also secured the title with the longest gap between the number one singles. Her only other chart-top moment was 44 years ago at her 1978 debut single, Wuthering Heights.


To conclude the record for her trio, at the age of 63, Bush became the oldest female artist in history to win the number one in the UK.

She replaces Cher, who was 52 years old when her song Believe hit the charts in 1998.

The Mysterious Hill soared the charts after being featured in the newly released episodes 1 and 4 of Netflix’s Stranger Things fourth season.

At the show, you can hear Max Mayfield, played by Sadie Sink, listening to this song on his Walkman. Bush thanked the fans for making track number one and said he was “overwhelmed by the scale of love and support” for the song. ..

She also praised the creator of the popular horror drama as “incorporating this song into the lives of many.”

President Bush said: “I think the Duffer brothers have touched people in a special way at a very difficult time for everyone, especially young people.

“By featuring” Mysterious Hill “in such a positive light as a talisman for Max (one of the main female characters), the song was brought into the emotional realm of her story. rice field.

“The power of fear, conflict, and love is around her and her friends.

“I pay tribute to the Duffer brothers’ courage. I brought this new series to a more mature and dark place. I would like to thank them for bringing this song to the lives of many.

“I’m overwhelmed by the scale of love and support this song receives, and everything is happening very fast, as if driven by some sort of elemental force.

“I must admit that I was really impressed with it all. Thank you for making it No. 1 in a surprising way.”

To reach the top spot, Bush has overtaken Harry Styles mega-hit As It Was and is now in second place.

Cat Burns’ Go remains in 3rd place, Afraid To Feel by LF System rises to 4th place, and Lizzo’s About Damn Time is 5th.

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