Broadcaster Kate Gallaway talked about how her relationship with her husband changed after becoming a caregiver.

Derek Draper, a 54-year-old former political adviser, became seriously ill after being infected with Covid-19 in March 2020.

He is not currently infected with the virus, but has long-term damage to his organs and needs home care.

Gallaway told Good Housekeeping magazine about learning to love in another way after her husband got sick (Good Housekeeping UK / David Venni / PA).

Gallaway, 55, who told Good Housekeeping as an August cover star for the magazine, said he had to find a new way to get intimate with her husband after “a big change.”

“When you’re about to lose someone, it certainly focuses on everything,” she told the magazine.

“In many ways we still have a lot of changes, so we are learning how we are as men and wives.

“It’s the same for children. They have to relearn the experience of being with their father, and of course, the greatest learning is for poor Derek.”

The Good Morning Britain presenter participated in two ITV documentaries following the life of her family after Draper’s illness.

Despite the difficulties, Gallaway remained positive and recently discovered that she was selected as an MBE for this year’s New Year Honors.

Regarding the news, she said: But I haven’t received it yet, so I don’t want to seduce my destiny in case they withdraw the offer!

“But I think there is room for congratulations. If the ceremony is finally held, Derek hopes he can further his recovery and go with him. That would be great.”

Learning to adapt to her husband’s illness also helped Gallaway learn to live at that moment and gain a deeper understanding of life.

She states:

“I sent an email and thought,” OK, I sent an email. ” I can’t do anything more now, so I look out the window and notice how clean the sky is. “

Gallaway is a cover star for the August issue of Good Housekeeping (Good Housekeeping UK / David Venni / PA)

“I’m really trying to grab those moments, because then I realize that life is just a collection of moments, and finding the better than the bad is probably all the secret. “

Gallaway is also hosting a new show at ITV, the Good Staff of Gallaway. At this show, broadcasters will take part in a new uplifting lifestyle show with friends and celebrities.

She states: No one is unaffected by a pandemic in any way, so I wanted to find a way to save money and manage my health and attend a show that would make people feel better.

“Every week we have a wonderful guest who shares something that brings joy to life. What should we not love it?”

A full interview with Kate Gallaway appears in the August issue of Good Housekeeping, which goes on sale June 29th.

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