Katie Price avoided prison by sending a message of “anger and inflammation” to her ex-husband in violation of a detention order prohibiting her from contacting his new partner.

A 44-year-old former glamor model sent a message to Keeran Hayler on January 21, this year, when she branded his new partner Michelle Penticost with the “Prostitute” and “Gutter Slug”. ..

She was found guilty of violating the detention order and sentenced to an additional 20 hours, an 18-month community order with 150 hours of community service for a suspended sentence violation.

She was also ordered to pay £ 1,500 (€ 1,750) in legal costs.

Katie Price arrives at Lewis Crown Court for a judgment hearing (Gareth Fuller / PA).

Judge Stephen Mooney told Price:

“The words you used were so unpleasant and inflamed that the violation is not considered minor.

“In my judgment, a good sentence is the order of the middle-level community, balancing the factors of deterioration, mitigation and deterioration.”

Price showed no emotion when the verdict was announced, but she smiled briefly as she left the dock.


Prices were prohibited from contacting Ms Penticost directly or indirectly under the terms of a five-year detention order imposed by the Magistrates’ Court of Horsham on June 3, 2019.

She was also fined £ 415 for throwing a nasty “abuse tilade” at her during a line at the school playground.

The court heard that her message to Halar could have been triggered by an Instagram post by Ms. Pentikost.

The price message is:

“She has a detention order, so you shouldn’t try to hostile to me because she’s violating, and I want people to know that she’s having an affair with you behind me. I’m sure it’s not. That gutter slug. “

The court heard that the crime was committed because Price used the word “tellyour.” This was an attempt to communicate indirectly with Penticost.

Statement on the impact on victims

In a statement filed in court on the impact on the victim, Ms. Pentikost said the breach had a “catastrophic effect” on her mental health.

She states:

“I’m depressed and I don’t want to go out. I’m scared of the words I use. I felt it was an attack on me.

“The result is that I feel she will attack me. I felt safe by issuing a restraint order, but I became very vulnerable if someone broke it. “

Price was all dressed in green and attended the courtroom, and after being asked about his outlook for his sentence, he heard reporters telling him to “smoke my d ** k.”

Price’s representative, Nicholas Hambrin, said his client had pleaded guilty to the breach, but she was “misunderstood” that the detention order “worked in both directions.”

He said there was an element of “provocation” and she “overreacted because she felt criticized.”

“She is showing signs of regret and accepting indirect violations,” he added.

Mr. Hambrin said Miss Price was seeking help with her emotional problems at the Priority Clinic.

He said she suffered from “depressive disorders and anxiety,” adding that “Miss Price is learning to deal with her emotional problems and not react as in this case.”

He goes on to say:


Katie Price reveals that she is “following the in vitro fertilization route” …

“It’s probably the case when you build someone just to beat someone.”

He added that “there was a lot to be said” about Price, and she was considered “low risk of recidivism” in probation reports.

Mr Hambrin said the breach was an “indirect” message and was “much more serious” when sent directly to the complainant’s phone, so it was a “minor breach” of the detention order.

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