After defeating West Meath at Killarney’s windy Fitzgerald Stadium, half-time deputy Rachel Dwire won 1-5 and Kelly advanced to the quarterfinals of the TG4 All Ireland Senior Championship.

His winner, who passed as a Group C winner, ensured that West Meath would face a relegation playoff after being defeated twice in a row.

Kelly made six changes to the lineup from the Galway match, but only 13 minutes later he took the lead from 1-5 to 0-0 and played against the wind, so it wasn’t a problem.

Louise Ní Mhuircheartaigh scored two early free points before Síofra O’Shea, who returned in the 8th minute, scored the first two of the first two points and Kerry three points ahead.

Then, after Katie Brosnan and Niam Carmody added scores in the 11th and 12th minutes, and after Mary O’Connell’s excellent approach, Nee Mirkuhartay punched the net.

West Meath faced a serious problem, but began to combine several cohesive moves, and Sarah Dillon and Karen Hegarty pointed out to reduce the deficit.

Ní Mhuircheartaigh stopped the West Meath tide with a nice score in the 25th minute after a big clearance from Eilis Lynch, but West Meath counterattacked again and the impressive Sara Lynch got free from an acute angle and Chloe Kelly. Appeared from behind and made another effort to get the score from 1-6 to 0-4 with one minute left.

The last two scores in the second half were Kelly’s, but Katie Brosnan and O’Shea scored the second point in the game, and Kingdom reached half-time with a lead of 1-8 to 0-4.

Dwyer, an impressive substitute, scored a goal early in the second half when Kelly punched in from close range. O’Shea was unlucky a minute later when her efforts were miraculously taken off the line.

West Meath worked hard, but couldn’t find a way to overcome Kelly’s decisive defense, and by 50 minutes Kelly had led 2-14 to 0-6, so the result was unquestionable. ..

Sarah Dillon (free) and Lucy Power continued to fight for West Meath, but in the end, a score from Niam Broderick and two from Dwyer (one free) topped Kelly. Won.


Kelly: R Dwyer 1-5 (3f), LNí Mhuircheartaigh1-3 (2f), S O’Shea 0-2, N Carmody 0-2, K Brosnan 0-2, D O’Leary 0-1, N Broderick 0- 1, Galvin 0-1.

West Meath: S Dillon 0-4 (3f), V car 0-2, L power 0-2, K hegarty 0-1.


Kelly – C Butler; E Lynch, K Kronin, A Delain; C McCarthy, E Costello, CNí Chonchúir; M O’Connell, A Galvin; K Brosnan, C Evans, N Carmody; D O’Leary, S O’Shea, L Ní Mhuirc heartaigh.

submarine: R Dwyer for Ní Mhuircheartaigh (30), J O’Sullivan for Cronin (38), N Broderick for Ní Chonchúir (43), A Clifford for Carmody (43), E Mohan for O’Leary (49).

West Meath- O’Donnell; M Fagan, M Scally, L Power; N Nolan, A Alford, C Kelly; F Coil, T Dillon; V Carr, S Dillon, K Boyce-Jordan; K Hegarty, K Giles, AO’Malley.

submarine: S Buckley for Nolan (36), K Geoghegan for O’Malley (40), S Lyons for Hegarty (49), Z Guinane for Power (59).

reference- S Curly (Goalway).

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