Boris Johnson will be remembered as a prime minister with a “great impact” and his successor is likely to be a “great survivor,” Laura Kuensberg said.

The 46-year-old journalist, who will soon host the first episode of the BBC’s Sunday morning political show, said he hoped the outgoing prime minister would have a “thick chapter” in British history.

In an interview with The Times, she said there was a “sane argument” that Mr Johnson’s involvement in the Brexit debate had “tilted” the balance towards Brexit.

She also said some argue that Britain might never have pulled out had Mr Johnson not won the 2019 Tory race for the lead.

When asked how he will be remembered, she said:

“No matter what you think about the UK’s decision to leave the EU, there are valid arguments for his involvement. [it]but had he not won Tory leadership in 2019, [Brexit] wouldn’t have happened.

“So he will have a big chapter in British history.

Kuensberg described Johnson’s likely successor, Liz Truss, as a “great survivor.”

“She has often been looked down upon by people who outwit or linger,” she said.

“She’s a great survivor. Relentless, shape-shifting, practical, and having a little fun at her own expense. These are all hallmarks of her.” [or is] I will gladly do it. she is instinctive ”

As a next step for herself, she said she wanted her version of Sunday’s program to have “wit and warmth.”

Kuenssberg said there is no point in being “aggressive for the sake of attack”.

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“But firmly? Absolutely right,” she said.

Kuenssberg will take over the Sunday political show on September 4th with a new set, format and title music.

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