Kit Harington is reportedly planning to replay his role as a stoic Jon Snow in a spin-off of the new Game of Thrones.

His series will be a sequel to a fan’s favorite character during the eight-season fantasy epic.

Jon Snow, an illegitimate child of the Starks, was appointed to Nightwatch to protect the male territory from the King of the Night.

Game of Thrones saw the snow travel north of the wall and returned to what was called the Warden of the North, and found out that he was actually a descendant of the dreaded House Targaryen.


Harrington was nominated twice for an Emmy for her character depiction and starred with her wife Rosie Leslie (pictured) (Ian West / PA).

The news of the new spin-off series has been confirmed by several US retailers.

Harrington was nominated twice for an Emmy for her character portrayal and starred with his wife, Rosie Leslie, who played the wild lover Ygritte in the series.

The news of John Snow’s spin-off comes after the announcement of the franchise’s spin-off, the House of the Dragon, 200 years before the Game of Thrones event, the prequel to the rise of the House Targaryen. It was announced.

The 10-episode HBO series, starring Matt Smith as Demon Targarien, is based on George RR Martin’s Fire and Blood novel.

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