Seoul-Korea broadcaster KBS has discovered that the lyrics of two songs from BTS’latest album “Proof” are too explicit to be broadcast.

The three-disc anthology album, released on Friday (June 10th), contains three unreleased songs. YetToCome, Run BTS, Born Singer, previously only available on YouTube and Soundcloud. It turns out that only those who haven’t come yet are suitable for broadcasting.

According to a representative of the broadcaster on Wednesday (June 8th), the two songs turned out to be inappropriate due to “lyrics with profane words, vulgar words, and crude expressions.”

The 48-track compilation includes a number of megaboy band hits, including Boy With Luv featuring Halsey and the debut single No More Dream.

One of the discs is entirely made up of fans’ favorite unreleased demos and tracks.

Their last studio album was Be, released in November 2020.

To celebrate its 9th anniversary and new album, Septet will stream a live show on its official YouTube channel next Monday (June 13th).

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