By Nawara Fattahova

upon The Kuwaiti Arts Association, which celebrates its 55th anniversary, is holding an exhibition entitled “Play Colorful Melodies” by Kuwaiti artists at its headquarters in Hawalli. The week-long exhibition is open to the public daily from 6 pm to 9 pm. The 44 works exhibited at the exhibition are the result of a recent workshop.

Twenty-three female Kuwaiti artists are presenting contemporary art works. “All the artwork on display here expresses the melody of love, passion and happiness. It is a light of hope in the fascinating path of creativity. This is the femininity of these wonderful works. It’s a kind of visual memory magic that interacts with the artist’s spirit of expression, “said Abdul Rasor Salman, president of the Kuwait Arts Association.

“The artwork presents a visual message that the artist has succeeded in delivering to the audience because it combines color with human emotions and sensations. They did a great job, and we have this. Congratulations on hosting a beautiful exhibition. Encourage all artists to attend all workshops organized by the Kuwait Arts Association and keep up with the development of contemporary art. “Salman added.

One of the participating artists, Atared Al-Thaqeb, said the beauty of the workshop that created these artworks was that they didn’t know what to draw. “It gave us the power and ability to combine colors, and each artist had her unique touch. The colors used in these artworks match all colors. It’s modern, especially gray, to match the title of the workshop. I love bright colors, so I used it for artwork, especially turquoise, “she said.

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