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Kuwait: Faisal Armosawi was a promising soccer player at the Salmia Sports Club and enjoyed a healthy lifestyle. But his life turned upside down shortly after the massive car accident that caused him to lose his lower body movements. The accident changed his life forever, and after a series of surgeries and frustrated attacks, Mosawi accepted his disability and decided to become the fastest diver in the world.

The Kuwait Times met Mosawi, an Iraqi living in Kuwait, and talked about his moving story. “My movement disorder was due to a car accident in 2005. Today I am proud to challenge myself and set a world record as the fastest 10km scuba diver. He is also a motivational speaker with more than 500 trainees, “says Mosawi.

“I decided to enroll in college two years after the accident and received a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) diploma in 2007. I continued my studies and earned a bachelor’s degree in finance. I was able to rejoin the club. Even after losing my dream of becoming a professional soccer player, I’m still frustrated. ” “After a few surgeries that I wanted to walk again, I realized that it was a big mistake to connect my happiness to something that might not come back, especially until I could do something more convenient. It took a long time, “Mosawi added.

Faisal Armosawi is practicing scuba diving.

turning point

Regarding the turning point where he embraced the disability and began to achieve impressive success, Mosawi said: But nothing happened every year, so I was very disappointed. During one birthday, I wanted to change people’s lives and be their inspiration. Especially after hearing the stories of many disabled people who tried to commit suicide because of frustration in life. “

“Two years later, I decided to be a new person looking for a new dream that could change my life, or to remain a useless person forever. This is a new person with new hopes and dreams. It was my turning point to become, “said Mosawi. “This changed my life in every way. In 2009, I decided to start learning diving. I contacted the Swimming Diving Center of the Kuwait Science Club and from PADI (Scuba Diving Certificate) I got my first dive license, one of which was the horror of the ocean. Then I got a few more dive licenses, including an open water license, an adventure license, an advanced license, and a nightrock diver license. ” He said.

Fastest diver

Mosawi told the Kuwait Times that after realizing his dream of diving, he decided to become the fastest diver in the world, both regular and disabled, and began working on this dream. “In 2018, I became the Guinness World Record holder as the world’s fastest 10 km scuba diver in 5 hours and 24 minutes, breaking the record set by the unimpaired scuba diver in 2011,” he said. Said. ..

Regarding diving techniques, Mosawi explained that he wore diving gloves and depended on the strength of his upper body. The challenge was to train daily in the water for at least 5 hours to reach his goal. He emphasized that social inclusion of persons with disabilities is the most important message they are trying to convey to the world, and that his achievements have proved to the world that persons with disabilities can succeed like ordinary people. I emphasized.

“The hope I gave to the parents of a child with a disability decided to make me more tenacious and spread the message around the world. After the accident, I was told that I could not marry my parents and have children. With hope and prayer, I married a special girl. I now have a beautiful girl. She is the most precious gift I have ever received, “Mosawi said.

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