Ankara: Kuwaiti shooter Sarah Al-Hawal took first place and won the gold medal at the “Trap” tournament of the Grand Prix Shotgun Championship in Konya, Turkey. Al-Hawal dedicated this victory to Kuwait’s political leaders and the shooting club’s unlimited support for sports. In a call with (KUNA) on Friday, Al-Hawal said he wanted to win more championships at the international and local levels and always wanted to raise the Kuwaiti flag at the International Forum.

Al-Hawal has achieved many international and local victories and has won first place in several local and Asian championships. The International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) Grand Prix Shotgun will begin on June 13th in Konya, Turkey, with more than 100 athletes from 19 countries participating and will continue until June 22nd. Meanwhile, Al-Hawal won a silver medal with his teammates at a mixed doubles event. Shooter Nacelle Al-Micred won the silver medal for the men’s trap single. – Kuna

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