Race 1 (1,400M)

(1) READYTOFLY is ready to score. Slightly beaten at both starts, she may be her third luck.

(12) MINSTREL GALLERY and (7) VIRGINIA SWEET are highlighted at every start. They should not be far away again.

(5) The colorful past was the first time I tried Polytrack and I was able to make money.

Race 2 (1,200M)

(1) SLIM JANNIE couldn’t find support for its debut, but stayed second and it worked. He will enjoy the extra distance.

(3) TIMEINTHEWOODS is still learning, but may be ready to compete.

(4) SLURRICANE found a problem at both starts and should not be far away.

(10) PHAKAIMALI has consistently finished close-ups.

Please see (5) GIMME’S LADDIE.

Race 3 (1,900M)

(4) GRAPHENE AIRGEL is improving in the race. The extra should fit.

(1) TWICE A MIRACLE has been intimidated for years and was able to get her just a reward.

(2) TELLMY FORTUNE needed her last run. Expect improvement.

(6) AMERICAN STYLE needs to be respected as it hasn’t returned much in all four starts.

Race 4 (1,700M)

(3) KAILENE performed well in the feature race and won the championship only by trying on this road surface. What to beat.

(6) FLOWER OF SAIGON and (7) STING RAY (request 4kg and try more) are not leaning forward. They form a strong and stable backup.

(4) SASHAY AWAY is 7kg better with Kailene for beats of 33/4 length and should be closer.

Race 5 (1,600M)

(4) CIRO needed his last outing and was able to pull it off.

(3) Blasts can be well placed from good draws and must be taken into account.

(5) FOREST JUMP ended prior to the previous What A Blast, and there is a clear claim.

(8) HAPPY ARISTOCRAT will scream if you are ready after the break.

Race 6 (1,600M)

(10) CAESURA needed his last run. With the claim of a 4kg apprentice, he was able to resume the path of victory.

(11) TECHNO SAVVY is in shape and may re-enter.

(4) Bayou, (5) QUERARI’S COWBOY, (6) CAFE PACIFICA, (9) COUNT MARSH may be in the mix.

Race 7 (1,400M)

(1) BURMESETIARA won in the last three starts. She needs to hold (7) MVULAZANA, but Mvulazana needed a final run.

(2) I was disappointed in POPPY OF BAYEUX last time, but I have to try it because I am running for the third time after the break.

(11) MISS CHARLOTTE requires 4kg. It’s a serious threat, but it has a wide range of appeal.

Race 8 (1,400M)

(5) VENTUROUS (not too far), (7) ICY NIGHT (better than last run), (9) BOOGIE SHOES (needs last run), (1) FEARLESS KITTY (previous issue), (6) ) OUR EMILY (Search Form) is part of the candidate list.

(2) MY CHERIE AMOUR, (3) TOP HONORS, and (4) AIR BUZZ are also at the top of the list.

Race 9 (1,000M)

(11) ALFONSA SPAGONI has a wide draw, but it slows down and you can grab them.

(8) LESLIES PATHTOFAME may have found the problem last time and work.

(5) FIERY DUKE should have a peak run. Sufficient possibility.

(1) GIMME A RAINBOW fell below the form last time, but may return to orbit.

(6) PACIFIC WINTER takes a short break and becomes fresh.

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