Kylie Minogue is back in her neighbor’s character, Charlene Mitchell’s mechanic overalls, in her first photo from the show’s next finale.

He and Jason Donovan will replay their roles as Charlene and Scott Robinson as Australian soap ends 37 years later on the screen.

The pictures on the set show Minogue wearing the kind of denim overalls loved by her character, and Donovan wearing checkered shirts and jeans, laughing and hugging them. ..

The intense mechanic Shirleen was often seen in practical clothing and became her calling card among fans.

The second image shows Donovan leaning against the hood of his car, kissing his lover on the screen with his forehead.

Minogue shared the image with her 2.4 million Instagram followers and wrote:

Meanwhile, Donovan posted a photo of a road sign on Ramsey Street signed by him and his co-star, and a snapshot of the cover of his script.

He writes: “I’m very happy to be back with this absolute legend @kylieminogue.”

First aired in 1985, Neighbors, who live and work in the fictional Elinsborough suburbs of Melbourne, filmed the final scene in early June.

Since it was dropped by a broadcaster earlier this year, it has stopped production because it has not been able to secure new funds.

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Both 54-year-olds Donovan and Minogue played Scott and Charlene until their departures in 1989 and 1988, respectively.

Their wedding episode was first aired in 1987 by more than 2 million Australian viewers, and then when it was screened in the United Kingdom in 1988, it was viewed by about 20 million people. Attracted people.

Soap also started the careers of Hollywood stars such as Margot Robbie and Liam Hemsworth.

Memento star Guy Pearce, who began playing Mike Young on soap, has also replayed his role at the finale.

Joining them are Peter O’Brien, who played Shane Ramsey in the first episode of the show, Ian Smith, who played Harold Bishop, Mark Little, who played Joe Mangel, and Paul, who played De Clark. This is Kean.

Among those returning from the 2000s are Chris Milligan, who played Kyle Cunning, Morgan Baker as Karam Rebecki, Natalie Bashingwight as Izzy Hoyland, and James Mason as Chris Pappas. increase.

– Neighbors will end with a Double Episode Special on Channel 5 at 9pm on July 29th.

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