Three Italian tourists pleaded guilty to off-road driving in Iceland’s central highlands north of the Vatnajökull glacier. Off-road driving is illegal in Iceland and those caught have to pay hefty fines. The director of the Travel Association of Hljotsdarshelaz in East Iceland says more needs to be done to ensure that foreign tourists are aware of the ban.

Þórhallur Þorsteinsson has been involved in tourism in East Iceland for decades. He posted a photo of his three Italian damage on his Facebook page, citing the worst deep tire marks he had ever seen.

Þórhallur told Vísir that he was disgusted to see such damage, and that tourism operators and the government had to do more to get the message across that off-road driving is illegal in Iceland. said no. Smyril Line, which operates ferries between mainland Europe and Seydisfjörður in eastern Iceland, car rental companies, the Ministry of the Environment and the city of Mulassing in eastern Iceland, said officials who said Solhalur was responsible for education. Part of it. Tourists are visiting Iceland’s fragile environment, which takes decades to recover from the damage caused by off-road driving.

If tourists lack awareness of off-road driving bans, the damage can lead to even more serious damage. “Then tourists come in and see the old circles that were made off-road. Þórhallur explains.

Þórhallur says that along with tourism operators and local governments, the Icelandic government has the greatest responsibility for ensuring that off-road driving does not occur.

The three Italian tourists were fined hundreds of thousands of Icelandic kroner (thousands of euros) for this offense.

Posts Awareness of the lack of off-road driving bans in Iceland was first published in Iceland Review.

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